Goldenwood Co. was born out of a desire to merge and simplify the areas of my life that consisted of home and paper... to get everything under one roof.  With a focus on clean and simple organizational tools and the idea of home, Goldenwood Co. has become a natural extension of our everyday.  

We've had a passion for organization for a long long time.  Chances are you already know that.  But over the years our hearts have been taken over by the idea of slowing down, living intentionally and enjoying a quiet, country life.  For a long while I struggled on keeping these two areas separate from one another but eventually that seemed more complicated and stressful than was necessary.  And complicated just is not going to do.

And so here we are.

We have some big plans for this baby and yet we're excited to watch her grow and see where she takes us.  In the meantime you can find organizational printables and planners in our online shop and follow along with us on Instagram at @goldenwoodfarm and @thegoldenwoodco.

Thank you for being here.