A new GWco.

Welcome to the new Goldenwood Co!

A new site | We've spruced up the site with a new look and a new feel.  There's a few sections that need some attention (hello "About" page) but most of it's ready to go.  I'm going to attempt to blog again on occasion... but when that requires me to physically connect to the internet under the basement stairs to get internet I can't promise anything.  For now, the best way to get upadates is by following us on Instagram.  You'll find shop updates over at @thegoldenwoodco and everything else over at @goldenwoodfarm.

New printables | I've been busying uploading new printables into the shop with a focus on calendars.  Now that most of those are up I have a long list of others to focus on.  From travel itineraries and checklists to braindumps and meal planners!  Printables are my jam and I'm excited to get started on more of those!

A new outlook | While simplifying has always been at the core of this brand, it's growing into much more than that.  You'll find less paper crafts (although ALWAYS printables and stationery) and more home... less kid stuff (because... they didn't stop growing when I asked them too) and more photos.  Who knows...this section of the site maybe end up as a photolog of my everyday. Sounds like the least stressful.  If I had decent internet it might be a totally different story... but right sporadic is what it's going to be.

But things change.  Right now I'm dreaming of decorating, gardening, painting, farm life, junking and slow living.  One day I'm thinking about starting a market/shop on our farm and the next I'm thinking about building and decorating homes.   I'm still trying to figure out how that will fit in here and how much I'll be sharing, but you're more than welcome to join me here and see what happens! 

And because it's almost June already and I haven't even started planting anything I'm pretty sure it won't be gardening.  ;)

All I know is that home is my passion and that's where GWco. is headed.  Can't wait to see what happens!